Welcome to Gemstar Contractors‘s definitive guide on the top exterior house painting trends in 2023! Located right in the heart of Northern New Jersey, we’ve transformed suburban homes with our expert painting touch for years. Dive into our comprehensive guide as we unveil the hottest colors lighting up suburban neighborhoods this year. We’ve covered everything from the soothing earthy neutrals, cool blues, and greens reminiscent of nature’s serenity to the bold accents and pastel charms that offer modern sophistication. Not to forget the timeless appeal of natural wood and stains that many homeowners now gravitate towards. Ready to elevate your home’s curb appeal? Let’s delve right in!

Over my painting career, I’ve always been intrigued by how color trends shift and evolve. What’s trendy one year might not be the next, but there’s always a reflection of the societal mood, lifestyle, and individual homeowner preferences. This year, the suburbs are set to embrace a beautiful blend of the traditional and the contemporary.

The Influence of Suburban Life on Color Trends for Exterior House Painting

Suburbia: Nature Meets Nurture

The peaceful, family-oriented backdrop of suburban life often finds its way into color choices. The need for serenity, quietness, and a touch of nature profoundly influences suburban exteriors. Once, while working on a home on a particularly tree-lined street, the homeowner remarked, “I want my house to feel like a continuation of this serenity.” And that’s a sentiment many share.

Trend #1: Earthy Neutrals

Returning to Our Roots

Colors like taupe, beige, and soft gray are making a noticeable comeback. They echo nature—think of the gentle hues of a rock or the pale color of sand on a beach. I recall painting a spacious suburban home in a muted taupe; the transformation was incredible. It seamlessly blended with the mature oaks in the yard, creating an ageless, rooted appeal.

Trend #2: Cool Blues and Greens

A Breath of Fresh Air

The tranquility of a water body or the refreshing feeling of being amidst trees – that’s what shades like teal, aqua, and soft pine bring to a home. On a personal note, aqua always takes me back to a beach vacation where the water meets the sky. If you have a well-manicured lawn or a water feature, such hues can harmonize beautifully with the surroundings. My team once painted shutters in a soft pine shade against a neutral façade, resulting in a picturesque, calming exterior.

Trend #3: Bold Accents

Making a Statement

Gone are the days when exteriors had to be a singular, muted shade. Today’s homeowners aren’t afraid to experiment, and it shows! Deep blues, passionate burgundies, or a splash of mustard for the front door or window trims can add a refreshing twist. One of my most memorable projects involved a deep blue front door. Initially, The owner was hesitant but thanked me for pushing her out of her comfort zone. The door became a statement piece and a conversation starter.

Trend #4: Pastel Charm

Youthful Sophistication

Pastels offer the perfect balance – they’re not as stark as bold colors but provide more vibrancy than neutrals. Lavenders, mints, and soft peaches are currently reigning in the suburbs. They bring a fresh, vibrant look while maintaining a touch of sophistication. I always say, “If you’re unsure about going bold, pastels are your safe bet.” They’re the middle ground, offering modernity with a hint of timelessness.

Trend #5: Natural Wood and Stains

Showcasing Authenticity

Many suburban homeowners are now stripping back paints to showcase the authentic beauty of wood. The rustic charm of natural grains, complemented by a suitable stain, is unbeatable. Just last summer, I worked on restoring a home to its original wooden facade. The owner was amazed at the warmth and authenticity it added. If you’ve got wooden elements, considering a good-quality stain might be worth it.

Pairing Trends with Other Exterior Elements

Your home isn’t just about the walls. The roof, landscaping, outdoor furniture, and even the driveway play a role in the overall look. Always aim for harmony. If you’ve chosen cool blues, consider how your garden or patio furniture complements it. A well-thought-out exterior is a sum of all its parts, and the result can be magical.


The beauty of these trends is in their flexibility. You can choose a primary color and accentuate it with others or mix and match to create a unique palette for your home. Remember, it’s not just about following a trend but making it your own. If you’re considering a new coat for your home, I’d be delighted to share more insights from my years in the field. Happy painting!