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Elevate your space with Gemstar Contractors, your gateway to premium cabinet transformation. Serving Madison, NJ, and beyond, we’re not just painters but artists crafting functional masterpieces.  We infuse new life into every panel, harmonizing aesthetics with functionality.

Our Professional House Painters understand that your cabinets aren’t just storage but expressions of your style. Trust us to transform your kitchen and spaces, creating cabinets that resonate with innovation and elegance. Discover the art of Cabinet Painting with Gemstar Contractors, where every stroke reflects your identity and our legacy of excellence.

Satisfied Customers

With a legacy built on customer satisfaction, Gemstar Contractors takes immense pride in serving over 2500 delighted customers. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence, transforming spaces, and leaving smiles. Join our community of satisfied clients and experience the difference that Gemstar Contractors brings to every brushstroke.

Star Rating Overall

Experience painting excellence that resonates in every detail. Gemstar Contractors boasts a 5-star overall rating, reflecting our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From residential to commercial projects, our professional house painters and commercial painters consistently deliver results that earn the highest praise. Discover why clients trust Gemstar Contractors for extraordinary transformations.

Years of Team Experience

With a collective experience of over 45 years, Gemstar Contractors‘s team of seasoned professionals brings expertise and artistry to every project. Our journey has refined our skills, ensuring unmatched quality and enduring results. Trust Gemstar Contractors for a legacy of excellence that transforms spaces and exceeds expectations.

2 Year Limited Warranty

Protect your investment against the Northern New Jersey elements.

Clear, Transparent, Communication

You’ll always know the status of your project.

Screened Professionals

Our professionals are trained to treat your house as if it were their own.

Licensed and Insured

We’re insured! Hire Gemstar Contractors with peace of mind.

Proven Cabinet Painters

Full-service Cabinet painting

Welcome to a world where cabinets become works of art. Our Professional House Painters craft cabinets that mirror your style, breathing life into your spaces. From preparation to the final flourish, we redefine functionality and aesthetics. With various colors and finishes, your cabinets become expressions of beauty and innovation. Beyond mere painting, we transform your everyday experience. Trust Gemstar Contractors as your partner in crafting cabinets that echo your pride and personality.

Experience excellence without compromise. Our Budget-Friendly Cabinet Painting services redefine affordability without sacrificing quality. Our Professional House Painters infuse your cabinets with skill and precision, delivering transformations that fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

Preserve memories with a touch of transformation. Our Keeping Your Existing Cabinets service embraces the heart of your space. Our Professional House Painters enhance your cabinets’ natural beauty, infusing new life into the familiar while adding a touch of innovation.

Colors tell stories, and your cabinets are no exception. Our Range of Color Choices service empowers you to choose shades that resonate with your style. Our Professional House Painters harmonize your vision with a spectrum of colors, transforming your cabinets into expressions of elegance.

Experience transformation that aligns with your values. Our Eco-Friendly Cabinet Painting service isn’t just about color; it’s about responsibility. Our Professional House Painters use environmentally friendly practices, crafting cabinets that echo innovation while respecting nature.

Elevate more than aesthetics – elevate value. Our Increased Home Value service isn’t just about cabinets; it’s about investment. Our Professional House Painters add allure to your spaces, creating cabinets that enhance home value and curb appeal.

Dependable Cabinet Painting Services

Gemstar Contractors brings dependability to your cabinets’ transformation. Our Professional House Painters understand the nuances of cabinet painting, ensuring precision from preparation to application. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to quality, we redefine functionality and aesthetics. Trust us to deliver a transformation that stands the test of time, creating cabinets that resonate with your style and durability.

Cabinet Refinishing & Resurfacing

Experience innovation beyond paint. Our Cabinet Refinishing and Resurfacing service in Madison, NJ, and surrounding areas, isn’t just about color. It is also about the revitalization of their functionality. We add finesse to your cabinets, transforming them into sophisticated pieces that harmonize with your style. From refinishing to resurfacing, we create cabinets that stand as works of art.

Best Cabinet Painters

Elevate your cabinets with the Best Cabinet Painters in Madison, Chatham, Morristown, Florham Park, Mendham, NJ, and neighboring areas. Gemstar Contractors‘s legacy is painted in trust and expertise. We create cabinet transformations that redefine aesthetics and functionality. From refinishing to resurfacing, every detail echoes our commitment to excellence. Choose the best, and witness the transformation that only true professionals can deliver.

Worry-free cabinet painting services

Working with Our Cabinet Painting Team

Collaboration is the heart of our cabinet transformation. When you choose Gemstar Contractors, you choose a partnership that understands your vision. Our Professional House Painters aren’t just skilled hands. They are also artists who comprehend your style. From consultation to color selection, every step is guided by expertise and empathy. We paint with a commitment to your satisfaction, adding strokes of excellence to every cabinet we touch. Your vision and our artistry converge, creating an experience that reflects your personality on every panel.

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