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With an artistic heritage spanning 30 years, Gemstar Contractors is the epitome of craftsmanship and quality in Chatham, NJ. Our locally owned and operated painting company takes pride in being part of the community, offering more than just painting services but a commitment to excellence.

We’re not just painters in Chatham; we’re your neighbors, striving to add color and vibrancy to the place we call home. Let Gemstar Contractors be your choice for beauty, quality, and local integrity.

  • Free Estimates
  • No-Surprise Guarantee – What we quote is what you pay!
  • Clear, Transparent, Daily Communication
  • Free Color Consultations
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Only Use High-Quality Products
  • Our Painters are Thoroughly Screened
  • Current with Latest Industry Safety Practices
  • We Cover/Protect Furniture and Carpets
  • Complete Cleanup After Project


Enhance the face of your business with Gemstar Contractors‘s interior commercial painting services in Chatham, NJ. Our talented team uses top-notch materials to give your commercial space a fresh, professional, and lasting appearance. We meticulously tailor each stroke from offices to conference rooms to resonate with your brand’s vision.

With Gemstar Contractors, it’s not just painting; it’s a business transformation, reflecting your identity and core values in every hue and finish.


Invite warmth and style into your home with Gemstar Contractors. Our interior house painting services are designed to reflect your personality while adding a touch of elegance. Our experienced painters in Chatham, NJ, carefully choose colors and textures that transform your living spaces into cozy, inviting environments.

Trust Gemstar Contractors for interior painting that turns houses into homes.

Trust Only The Best Painting Services in Chatham, NJ

Gemstar Contractors has been a beacon of quality and trust for three decades in Chatham, NJ. We’ve built a legacy, flourishing with repeat customers and referrals, all because we never compromise on quality. Using only high-quality materials, our skilled painters Chatham pay attention to every detail, ensuring each stroke adds beauty and value to your space.

We stand behind our work, offering you the confidence of licensed, insured services and a 2-year warranty. Choose Gemstar Contractors for a painting experience crafted with care, precision, and a commitment to excellence.

Satisfied Customers

With a legacy built on customer satisfaction, Gemstar Contractors takes immense pride in serving over 2500 delighted customers. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence, transforming spaces, and leaving smiles. Join our community of satisfied clients and experience the difference that Gemstar Contractors brings to every brushstroke.

Star Rating Overall

Experience painting excellence that resonates in every detail. Gemstar Contractors boasts a 5-star overall rating, reflecting our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From residential to commercial projects, our professional house painters and commercial painters consistently deliver results that earn the highest praise. Discover why clients trust Gemstar Contractors for extraordinary transformations.

Years of Team Experience

With a collective experience of over 45 years, Gemstar Contractors‘s team of seasoned professionals brings expertise and artistry to every project. Our journey has refined our skills, ensuring unmatched quality and enduring results. Trust Gemstar Contractors for a legacy of excellence that transforms spaces and exceeds expectations.

2 Year Limited Warranty

Protect your investment against the Northern New Jersey elements.

Clear, Transparent, Communication

You’ll always know the status of your project.

Screened Professionals

Our professionals are trained to treat your house as if it were their own.

Licensed and Insured

We’re insured! Hire Gemstar Contractors with peace of mind.

Unrivaled Chatham, NJ Professional Painters

At Gemstar Contractors, excellence is a tradition brought to life by our team with a combined 45 years of expertise. Adhering to the latest industry safety practices and with painters thoroughly screened, we’re the best in Chatham, NJ. However, don’t rely on our statement – look at our Reviews!

Want to add color to your life? Call us at (973) 543-7556 for a FREE estimate, and discover why Gemstar Contractors is the unrivaled choice for painting perfection.

Painting Business and Building Success

Chatham, NJ Commercial Painters

Elevate the appearance of your commercial space with Gemstar Contractors, Chatham, NJ’s trusted commercial painting services. Our commitment to only using high-quality products ensures a finish that’s not only beautiful but enduring. Whether it’s an office or retail space, our attention to detail and understanding of commercial needs sets us apart.

With Gemstar Contractors, your business’s first impression is in skilled hands.

Elevating Functionality with Precision

Cabinet Painters in Chatham, NJ

Revitalize your cabinets with Gemstar Contractors‘s specialized cabinet painting services in Chatham, NJ. Our process ensures the surroundings are protected, and we meticulously apply three layers of paint for a stunning and durable finish. Don’t be overwhelmed by color choices; we offer free consultations to make your decision a breeze.

Trust Gemstar Contractors for cabinets that shine with renewed life.

You have painting questions, we have painting answers

These Are Some Of The Questions Your Chatham, NJ Neighbors Have Asked…

Looking for a top-notch painting company in Chatham, NJ? Gemstar Contractors takes customer satisfaction to the next level by being highly responsive to inquiries, flexible scheduling, and ensuring that each job exceeds your expectations. Our team of skilled painters is dedicated to delivering quality and perfection, turning your space into a colorful masterpiece.But that’s not all! We offer commercial and residential painting services tailored to your needs. From cozy homes to bustling businesses, our paintbrushes know no bounds.

Are you prepared to transform your space with a brand-new look? Call us at (973) 543-7556 for a FREE estimate and experience the Gemstar Contractors difference in Chatham, NJ.

Understanding the cost of a painting project can be tricky as it depends on various factors. But worry not! At Gemstar Contractors, we’re here to provide a clear and personalized estimate that fits your budget.

Just call us at (973) 543-7556 for a FREE estimate. We’ll consider the size, surfaces, and your preferences to ensure you get a fair and transparent price. Let’s make your painting dreams come true without breaking the bank!