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Experience the allure of exterior transformation with Gemstar Contractors, your Premier Exterior House Painting Company serving Madison, NJ, and surrounding areas. From vibrant strokes that revive your home’s facade to meticulous details that redefine curb appeal, our expertise echoes in every corner.

Trust us to harmonize your vision with our skills, painting stories of elegance that withstand time and weather. Discover the art of Residential Painting with Gemstar Contractors, where premium service meets the canvas of your dreams.

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With a legacy built on customer satisfaction, Gemstar Contractors takes immense pride in serving over 2500 delighted customers. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence, transforming spaces, and leaving smiles. Join our community of satisfied clients and experience the difference that Gemstar Contractors brings to every brushstroke.

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Experience painting excellence that resonates in every detail. Gemstar Contractors boasts a 5-star overall rating, reflecting our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From residential to commercial projects, our professional house painters and commercial painters consistently deliver results that earn the highest praise. Discover why clients trust Gemstar Contractors for extraordinary transformations.

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With a collective experience of over 45 years, Gemstar Contractors‘s team of seasoned professionals brings expertise and artistry to every project. Our journey has refined our skills, ensuring unmatched quality and enduring results. Trust Gemstar Contractors for a legacy of excellence that transforms spaces and exceeds expectations.

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Protect your investment against the Northern New Jersey elements.

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Exterior Residential Painters

Full-service exterior house painting

Our Full-Service Exterior House Painting isn’t just about paint. It is a symphony of skill and dedication. From meticulous surface preparation to the final flourish, we redefine curb appeal. Our Professional House Painters weave experience into every stroke, harmonizing colors with craftsmanship. We breathe life into your home’s exterior, showcasing its beauty while protecting it against the elements. Beyond mere painting, we create outdoor experiences that resonate for years.

Welcome guests with elegance. Our Front Door Painting service is a statement of style. Choose from shades that reflect your personality, and watch as our Professional House Painters weave transformation into every brushstroke. Elevate your entryway with a front door that resonates with warmth and hospitality.

Garage doors aren’t just functional; they’re a canvas for creativity. Our Garage Door Painting service adds a touch of aesthetics to your exterior. From bold hues to understated elegance, our Professional House Painters infuse your garage door with personality, transforming it into a visual marvel that complements your home’s architecture.

Details make the difference. Our Trim, Shutters, & Soffits Painting service refines your exterior, adding a touch of finesse that elevates curb appeal. With a keen eye for precision, our Professional House Painters craft a seamless blend of colors, creating a cohesive and captivating facade that wows.

Breathe life back into your siding with our expert Siding Repair service. Our Professional House Painters seamlessly blend the repair with renewal, ensuring your home’s exterior stands strong against the elements. Experience the transformation as weather-worn surfaces regain vitality, telling tales of resilience and care.

Elevate safety with style. Our Handrail Painting service isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring your exterior remains secure and stunning. Our Professional House Painters add a touch of color and protection to your handrails, harmonizing safety and design seamlessly.

Unify functionality with aesthetics through our Gutters & Downspouts Painting service. Our Professional House Painters create a cohesive look, blending gutters and downspouts seamlessly with your home’s exterior. Experience the artistry of attention to detail, where even the functional becomes an element of beauty.

Infuse new life into your outdoor spaces with our Deck and Fence Staining service. Our Professional House Painters blend longevity with aesthetics, staining decks and fences to withstand time and weather. Choose from a range of finishes that enhance the natural beauty of wood, creating spaces that beckon relaxation.

Experience excellence from the ground up. Our Carpentry & Wood Replacement Services pave the way for perfect painting. Before the first brushstroke, our Professional House Painters address structural integrity, ensuring your exterior is ready for transformation. We replace and repair wood with precision and expertise, creating a solid foundation for the following artistry.

Elevate brick and stucco surfaces with our expert Painting service. Our Professional House Painters understand the nuances of these materials, crafting color solutions that enhance their unique textures. Experience the melding of longevity and aesthetics as brick and stucco become canvases of outdoor elegance.

Every masterpiece starts with a clean canvas. Our Pressure Washing service prepares your exterior surfaces for painting. Our Professional House Painters meticulously remove dirt, grime, and debris, revealing a pristine foundation. Witness the art of transformation as surfaces are primed for a fresh coat that lasts.

Full Exterior House Painting

Gemstar Contractors‘s Full Exterior House Painting service isn’t just about color. It is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Our Professional House Painters meticulously prepare surfaces, ensuring flawless application and durability. With an eye for detail and a passion for quality, we harmonize your vision with our artistry. Every corner receives meticulous attention, from front doors to handrails, siding to trim. Step into a world of transformation where colors meet craftsmanship to redefine curb appeal. Trust Gemstar Contractors to be your partner in crafting an exterior that echoes your pride and personality.

Quality Products & Painting Professionals

At Gemstar Contractors, our commitment to quality extends beyond brushes and paint. Our Quality Products & Painting Professionals redefine exterior painting. From premium paints that withstand elements to Professional House Painters who blend expertise with creativity, every stroke bears our legacy of excellence. We’re not just adding color but creating experiences that resonate for years. When you choose us, you’re selecting a partnership built on trust, precision, and the art of transformation.

Best Exterior House Painters

Elevate your exterior with the Best Exterior House Painters in Madison, Chatham, Morristown, Florham Park, Mendham, NJ, and neighboring areas. From preparation to application, every step reflects our commitment to excellence. With a palette of colors and a canvas of creativity, we paint stories of pride and admiration. Choose the best, and witness the transformation that only true professionals can deliver.